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Discover Quantum Dots technology, the new generation of TV.

The Quantum dot revolutionized TV by providing such pure colors that they mimic what we see in real life. And now, we discovered a way to make Quantum dots even better: the New Metal Quantum dot.

The New Metal Quantum dot is uniform in shape and can express nearly all the colors in the color volume because they produce color in a way that’s incredibly fine and dense, in addition to being incredibly bright. And when the New Metal Quantum dot works alongside the other innovative QLED TV features, it brings a viewing experience like never before into your home.

The beauty of Quantum dots lies in their composition: they’re incredibly small inorganic particles that vary in size, with each size producing a different hue to turn light into perfect expressions of color. For QLED TV, we have refined these powerful particles into stable and uniformly-shaped dots yet, ensuring long-lasting color that’s as pure as the shades of the world around you. In combination with 10-bit panels, Quantum dots express a huge amount of the DCI P3 color space—producing nearly every color known to man—as well as achieve 100% color volume, which is a fantastic range of hues created when light is added to the color space. So extremely bright and intensely dark colors on the QLED TV are just as real as any other.

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