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3 Tips for improving outdoor portraits

If you are tempted to get your first ever digital SLR (DSLR) and become a portrait expert this season, we have 3 tips that will help you make the most out of it!

1-Depth of Field: Depth of Field (DoF) is the space in front of and behind a sharply focused subject in a picture. As Subjects need to be clearly defined in a portrait, It is best to choose a shallow DoF.

2-ISO: International Standards Organization is the standard scale in the industry for measuring the light sensitivity of a digital camera. If you are shooting outdoor portraits, use low ISO settings otherwise you will let too much light in and your portrait will look too bright.

3-Shooting in RAW format: Shooting in RAW mode means your sensors compile unmodified data of your shots. RAW mode is also Since you are shooting portraits outdoors, you will need to make adjustments through editing with your preferred processing software. At post processing stage, edits to JPG result in further loss of data. While RAW format allows for multiple edits before you can save it as a JPG and begin retouching. Imagine the ease of correcting any dramatically under or over exposed images without having to drastically sacrifice quality.

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