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Dive into the aromatic world of Indian cuisine with Carrefour UAE's exclusive range of Indian products, designed to bring the authentic taste of India right to your kitchen.

Our selection is a treasure trove of spices and culinary delights that are central to Indian cooking, including premium cloves, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and much more. Whether you're planning to cook the rich and flavorful Hyderabadi Biryani, or aiming to perfect the taste of Bannu Pulao, our products, including the famous India Gate Chawal, ensure your dishes are nothing short of spectacular.

Our spices are sourced directly from the finest gardens in India, ensuring that each packet brings a burst of authentic flavors to your meals. The cloves, with their intense aroma, are perfect for adding depth to your dishes.

Saffron, known as the king of spices, offers a beautiful golden hue and a unique aroma, elevating the taste of every dish it graces.

Cardamom and cinnamon are essential for that warm, comforting flavor profile, especially in biryanis and pulaos.

At Carrefour UAE, we understand the importance of quality in creating unforgettable meals. That's why our Indian product range is carefully curated to bring you the best of India's culinary heritage. Best Indian Food in UAE

What makes Hyderabadi Biryani unique?
Hyderabadi Biryani is distinguished by its use of specific spices like saffron and its slow-cooking method, which infuses the rice with flavors.

Can I find all ingredients for Indian dishes at Carrefour UAE?
Absolutely! From India Gate Rice to exotic spices like cloves and cardamom, Carrefour UAE has got all the Indian cooking essentials you need with the best offers that you can shop.