1. Nutrition & Lifestyle

Explore Nutritious Options at Carrefour UAE and Fuel Your Wellness Journey
Become a healthier version of yourself with our range of nutritional food! Whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a healthy lifestyle or better dietary choices to suit a specific health condition, you will find what you're looking for here.

Choose from our quality products for your specific needs at top prices.
Choose Better Foods For You
Carrefour UAE's Nutrition Category boasts a variety of nutrient-rich sustainable foods to support your overall well-being and health for our planet. From fresh fruits and vegetables to lean proteins and whole grains, find a wide array of options that make it easy to create balanced and wholesome meals with less sugar & fewer artificial additions. Fuel your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it deserves.

Choose Better For Our Planet
The foods available are rated according to their sustainability level, from good to great to best, with the best being rated for a healthier environment.

Choose Better For Communities
Support local products with Carrefour UAE, from local meats to dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, bakery products, and more!

Healthy Snacking Alternatives
Snack smartly with Carrefour UAE's collection of nutritious snacks. Choose from a range of wholesome options such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to keep your energy levels steady throughout the day.

At Carrefour UAE, you can make your shopping choices better for your health, your people, and our planet.

Nourish your body and shop for quality foods and supplements to achieve a healthier lifestyle today.

Can you find gluten-free and organic products in the Nutrition Category at Carrefour UAE?
Carrefour UAE covers a wide range of gluten-free and organic options, ensuring something for everyone, regardless of your dietary preferences.

Why is nutrition essential to health?
Nutrition is crucial to health because it provides the essential nutrients our bodies need to function, supporting growth, energy production, immune function, and overall well-being. Shop healthy & sustainable local products online with Carrefour UAE today.

What is locally produced food in the UAE?
Locally produced food in the UAE includes dates, dairy products, fish, seafood, vegetables, poultry, eggs, and honey, contributing to food security and sustainability, which you can find available today at the Carrefour UAE website or app.

Smart shopping is about saving money and buying what is best for your health and the planet. Get sustainable products and enjoy a nutritious lifestyle with Carrefour."