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Shop from a wide range of selection of Carrefour products, at our hypermarkets and supermarkets, we ensure that you find everything you need from global to local products, starting with fruits and vegetables, to daily beverages, fresh food, fresh meat, household items, electronics, smartphones and wearables, cupboard products, frozen foods, chocolates, candies, baby care, personal care, cleaning products, Carrefour organic food products, and more.

Get affordable grocery for your daily needs with our latest deals easily with Carrefour online shopping.

Should you go for local products or global products?
Local products are produced by local manufacturers, reducing the export prices and taxes following the country standards, which makes them cheaper.
Global products on the other hand are products exported from all over the world which makes them more expensive most of the time because of taxes and shipping costs, however it brings a lot of variety to the shopper and also some fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be produced locally, which makes them only available globally.

The decision to buy local or global products is all up to you, in terms of costs, product brands and origin as well as what you really need.