1. Carrefour Express

Buy All You Need In A Blink Of An Eye - 60 Minutes Delivery
You order some stuff and your delivery man does not show up… sounds like a nightmare right? Especially when you have to prepare something and you really need those items delivered right to your doorstep now! Well, we have got you covered, online shopping delivery cannot get any faster than this! No matter where you are with Carrefour express you can expect 60 minutes delivery to your purchases.

What Can You Get Delivered Quickly?
Were you trying to cook something and discovered that there are some ingredients missing and you need some online fresh fruits and vegetables delivered quickly to your doorstep? Or maybe you have an unexpected guest coming over and you are trying to load up things to serve for dessert like Arabic sweets, from fresh products to cooking ingredients, beverages, chocolates, meat, and even baby food, you can order from an unlimited number of products and get a fast grocery delivery by 60 mins anywhere in UAE, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and more, all on your online shopping address Carrefour UAE.