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Pakistani Beef Mince
Pakistani Beef Mince
Pakistani Beef Mince

Pakistani Beef Mince

Approx 5 pieces/Kg

AED 19.95/500g (Inc. VAT)

AED 39.90 /Kg
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Origin -
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0.50 KG
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Allergy Information

Allergens from certain muscle and milk proteins or meat components can induce Beef allergies. Symptoms may manifest right after eating or hours thereafter. A doctor must immediately be consulted for medication, if any adverse body reaction is observed.

Storage Condition

When storing, remove meat in its original packaging. Remove extra liquid with a paper towel and wrap it tightly with layers of plastic film, or vacuum-seal it and freeze at 0°F (-18°C). Keep the meat inside fridge when defrosting. Store in portion sizes to avoid thawing everything altogether and refreezing. It is strongly advised and always a good thing, to cook fresh meats at the time of purchase, to savor its freshness and taste.