Volvic Natural Mineral Water 1.5L

Pack size : 1.5L

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Pack size : 1.5L


● The Volvic Natural mineral water serves as a respite drink for cooling off your body with its soothing properties
● Its transparent appearance and sweet taste will not only quench your thirst but also make you relish its nectar-like flavor
● The Volvic natural mineral water is enriched in essential minerals to support the body's dietary needs
● It has filtered through six volcanic layers for picking up a unique combination of volcanic ingredients that are beneficial for the body
● The water serves as the best filler for making refreshment drinks, including mocktails and lemonades

Ingredients & Nutrition facts


Natural Minerals


Volvic water is created by rainwater that seeps very slowly underground through 6 porous layers of volcanic rocks. Mother earth’s filter gives Volvic its perfect mineral balance with naturally occurring electrolytes such as Calcium, Sulfates, Magnesium, Potassium, Bicarbonates, Silica and chlorides.*Mineral Composition (mg/L): Calcium 12, Sulfates 9, Magnesium 8, Potassium 6, Bicarbonates 74, Silica 32, Chlorides 15. Balanced pH of 7.

Package Type
Plastic Bottle
Pure and natural drinking water
Non-carbonated natural mineral water with low mineral content. Bottled at the source. Deep in the heart of France is a chain of ancient volcanoes, a gigantic natural filter from which springs Volvic water. Volvic Natural Spring Water emerges from a volcanic ecosystem in the center of France, a large and ancient protected environment called Auvergne. It is bottled exclusively at its source, the Clairvic Spring in the town of Volvic. Loaded with essential minerals to sustain your body's nutritional needs apart from keeping it hydrated. The water is concocted to produce a sweet taste that'll remind you of the nectar-like flavor of fresh river water straight from the mountain alps. Each sip taken will make you relish every drop of its savory goodness
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Mineral Water

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Storage Condition

Store in a clean, dry and cool place

Preparation and usage

Ready to drink

Brand Message

Volvic Natural Spring Water draws its unique mineral composition and taste from 6,000 year-old volcanic rocks. Created by nature, Volvic obtains its purity and mineral composition through a six-layer volcanic rock filtration. The naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals such as calcium, magnesium combined with a balanced pH of 7 provide a unique lightness to Volvic Natural Spring Water

Safety warning

Do not display in direct sunlight.
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