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Mr. Sugarcane Juice 350ml
Mr. Sugarcane Juice 350ml
Mr. Sugarcane Juice 350ml

Mr. Sugarcane Juice 350ml

Pack size : 350ml

AED 21.99(Inc. VAT)

Out Of Stock
Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
Origin -
United Arab Emirates
● Sugarcane juice is one of the most wholesome among the juices that can perfectly blend with other fruits and spices
● People often prefer to enjoy this juice with other flavors or spices
● When mixed well, they can produce incredible tastes
● At Mr. Sugarcane stalls you can mix and combine and have your juice made the way you like it
● By adding additional fruits flavors and other natural ingredients, you’re in for an exceptional nutritious treat in each bottle of Mr. Sugarcane you relish
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Brand Message

Welcome to the refreshing and nutritious world of Mr. Sugarcane juice, which is purely made and freshly squeezed in numerous kiosks in the leading hypermarkets across the UAE. It’s 100% pure and we fulfill every hygienic requirement that ensures that no contaminating elements come between the production procedures—our custom-built machinery avoids even the slightest contamination and makes sure that it is made in the best quality possible from the beginning up to the packaging of the juices. Visit Mr. Sugarcane stalls to quench your thirst with our totally-natural drinks, processed in the maximum hygienic means and available at affordable prices

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