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Fish Accessories
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JBL pH-Minus 100ml
JBL pH-Minus 100ml
JBL pH-Minus 100ml
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JBL pH-Minus 100ml

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100 ml
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Water conditioner to reduce the pH value in freshwater aquariums. Key Features: • For aquarium water to suit both fish and plants in freshwater aquariums, in turtle tanks and in shrimp tanks. • Rapid decrease of the pH value thanks to natural oak extract, phosphate-free. • The ideal pH value for most freshwater fish and plants is in the neural range around 7. Tip: the carbonate hardness should be at least 4 °dKH. • Use with pH values >8: 10ml/40L water, pH value 7-8: 10ml/80L water, pH values <7: no adding of JBL pH-Minus.