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Approx 7 pieces/Kg

AED 2.08/350g (Inc. VAT)

AED 5.95 /Kg
Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
Origin -
United Arab Emirates
  • Kohlrabi is a low glycemic index food
  • As a result, it can help improve satiety and glycemic control
  • As part of a healthy diet, kohlrabi can help improve overall metabolism and aid with weight loss
  • Because kohlrabi is high in calcium and magnesium, it contributes to stronger bones
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Preparation and usage

Snip off the leaf stems, trim off the base and top, then use a potato peeler or sharp knife to peel it as if it’s an apple. Then thinly slice, chunk or cut into wedges.

Brand Message

Looking something like a Sputnik in vegetable form, with a squat bulb and antennae-like shoots, kohlrabi is part of the cabbage family. The name translates from German as ‘turnip cabbage’ and the mild, sweet flavour is somewhere between a turnip and a water chestnut, with a crisp, crunchy texture. It can be found in two colours, pale green and the less-common purple.