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    Backpacks & Lunch Sets

    325 Results

    What We All Need for School or Work - Backpacks & Lunch Sets

    Every child needs a backpack that is very durable to carry their school supplies and books, as well as a light yet good quality lunch box, and the options are vast, from girl and boy-themed ones, at Carrefour UAE you can explore a large variety of school bags and lunch bags that are ranged at different prices with different brands, so get what you need with exclusive online discounts easily through the MAF Carrefour app, but backpacks and lunch boxes are not for kids only, even adults need them.
    Backpacks are great for school or work, they're convenient and easy to carry around and a lunch set might be better for you, lunch sets are a great way to save money and eat healthily
    Carrying a lunch box with you like a tiffin box for example to work instead of eating out is a good choice, as you can carry hot or cold foods, snacks, and even liquid food that you made ahead of time.

    What can you carry in a lunch box for work?

    Most working adults do not really have much time for meal preparations, therefor a quick, simple made lunch yet full of nutrients can be a good idea, the following foods could be a great choice for a delicious yet quickly made lunch box:
    - Tuna sandwich with a banana as a snack.
    - Oatmeal porridge with fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and more.
    - Airfryed meatballs with steamed rice on the side, you can add a quick drizzle of any store-bought sauce from Carrefour UAE online to make this meal taste better.
    - The all-time favorite of many is peanut butter and Jam toast.
    There are many meals you can prepare quickly and enjoy cheaper yet still delicious meals when going to the office. Check everything out at Carrefour UAE online through our website or with the MAF app to get all the ingredients that you need.