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    A Smart Watch For A Smart Life
    People always wear watches not only to check the time but as a statement of fashion, professionalism, smart wear, and investment value, which made watches a symbol of money and power over time.
    Nowadays that symbol has transformed with the evolution of technology to smartwatches & wearables, people replaced their normal watches with smart ones, so that they can talk and answer calls through, or watch their health, sleeping, and sports patterns.

    There are many smartwatches to choose from, different brands, as well as different designs, colors, and features, usually, it is best to buy a smartwatch from the same operating system you bought your smartphone, so if you have a Samsung smartphone that operates on android, consider a Samsung smartwatch, things are different for Huawei for example as the operating system is different, therefore you should consider their brands’ watches, while android gazes do work on different phones, but for the best sync and optimization, match it with the phone from the same brand and operating system.
    What is a smart watch price in UAE ?
    Smart watches differ in prices and models, for example the price of an Apple watch series 7 in Carrefour UAE depending on the color ranges between 1100 AED - 1300 AED.
    What are the best smart watches brands?
    Each and every brand caters to different people and customer needs, but the most famous ones, are Samsung smart watches, Apple smart watches, Huwawei smartwatches, Fit bit, and more.