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    Gents Watches

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    Your Watch Is A Symbol For Elegance
    The watch you wear in your hand is a clock ticker for time, however today it is an important symbol of smartwear, and the concept of classic watches has for sure changed with the revolution of smart wear, watches are no longer only a tool to tell time, but also to make phone calls, check messages, play sports, monitor health, and connect with the world.
    From classic watches that are an all time favorite for many like G shock watches and Citizen watches, to smart wear like Apple watches, Samsung watches we provide a selection of high price and low price watches to suit your needs at MAF Carrefour UAE.

    How to choose between buying a smart watch or a classic one?
    Classic watches for men are a fashion and elegance statement, it is the perfect match for a suit like Fossil watches, or smart casual outfits like Naviforce watches, so if you were looking to enhance your outfit a classic watch is the way, but for smart watches, if you want something more practical and suitable for work, then a smart watch is the way to go.