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Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g
Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g
Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g
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Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g

Pack size : 60g

AED 5.90(Inc. VAT)

Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
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  • The Fiorella Crunch White Wafer is a delicious crispy confectionery that has a filling of the finest hazelnut cream
  • It maximizes the pleasure for lovers of white chocolate and offers them a finger-licking taste
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White Chocolate (32%) Full Fat Milk Powder Hazelnuts Hazelnut Cream Emulsifiers Flavoring Salt Flour Corn Starch and Raising Agents.

Storage Condition

Store in a Cool, Dry, Hygienic place, Please Avoid Humidity, Heat, Sunlight and Strong Light.

Brand Message

Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g are a delicious and crunchy snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These wafers are filled with a rich and creamy white cream filling that is sure to delight your taste buds. Whether you enjoy them on your own or paired with a cup of tea or coffee, these wafers are the perfect treat for any time of day. The Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a premium taste and texture. Each wafer is carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of crunch and creaminess. With their convenient size, these wafers are also great for on-the-go snacking or for sharing with friends and family. Indulge in the irresistible taste of Fiorella Crunch White Cream Wafers 60g. These wafers are a delightful combination of crispy wafer layers and smooth white cream filling. With their satisfying crunch and creamy centre, they are the ultimate treat for any dessert lover. Whether you enjoy them as a quick snack or as a sweet ending to a meal, these wafers are sure to leave you wanting more.