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Komax Biokips Round Food Container Clear 240ml
Komax Biokips Round Food Container Clear 240ml
Komax Biokips Round Food Container Clear 240ml
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Komax Biokips Round Food Container Clear 240ml

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  • Smart 4-side snap locking clips with silicone seal provide 100% liquid and air-tight closure.
  • Advanced cem biotechnology helps preserve food nutrition, keeping food fresh for a longer period.
  • Specially designed lids with space-efficient Modular stackability functions make it easy to store food in the fridge or organize the cupboard.
  • The easy to open and close locking mechanism is ideal for children's use
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Komax revolutionary solutions totally redefine the modern-day kitchen. Turning prolific ideas into reality is Komax's passion and the vessel that helps it preserve old traditions. For the past half-century, Komax has paved the way towards healthy living and sustainability. Its core focus on design, functionality and food safety made it a world-renowned kitchenware brand. when customers are asked why they choose Komax? they cite Komax's exceptional food safety, durability, and high standards. In 1992, Komax launched the famous Biokips collection, the first antibacterial product in Korea. At a time of environmental depletion, Komax began crafting a reusable food storage container that's eco-friendly, food-safe, and airtight. Being the first company that introduced the airtight container that locks on all four sides, Komax popularized the use of airtight food storage and the benefits it exhibits for travel and home use. Today, the ‘four-side locking lid’ formula is a global standard of kitchenware products