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Enable Haworthia in White Skull Face Pot 15X8cm
Enable Haworthia in White Skull Face Pot 15X8cm
Enable Haworthia in White Skull Face Pot 15X8cm
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Enable Haworthia in White Skull Face Pot 15X8cm

Pack size : 1 Piece

AED 55.00(Inc. VAT)

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Origin -
United Arab Emirates
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Storage Condition

Keep Haworthia under reasonable bright light but away from strong direct sunlight. Water only when top inch of soil has dried out and ensure soil is never soaked. Do not allow water to collect in the rosette which could lead to rotting. Keep it ventilated and placed at temperatures between 70 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit during colder season.

Brand Message

Enable is a social enterprise that specifically empowers Persons with Disability (PWD) by helping them develop entrepreneurial skills in offering a range of quality home and garden products. Enable supports these well-trained individuals in the various retail aspects of the business where they themselves grow and cultivate the plants and personally assemble and sell the items. Therefore, every Enable products bought is a positive support to Enable's shared advocacy for community responsibility, social inclusion and sustainability. The company pushes these noble commitment by developing entrepreneurial skills among people with cognitive disabilities, from product concept and assembly to merchandise and sales, that shall enable them to start their own retail units and hence, achieve financial sustainability. On top of this, 15% of each product sold goes back to the employee who created it to empower their abilities.