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Back to School Deals and Offers 2023
Prepare for school or university with the 2023 Back to School Offers at Carrefour UAE. Our latest promotions cater to students of all ages, from kindergarten to college. Each dirham you spend guarantees exceptional value on essential school items.

Shop from discounts of up to 50% off on laptops, PCs, iPads, and lunch boxes suitable for all ages, get all needs for your children at great prices from children's clothing, books, stationery, water bottles, notebooks, pens, coloring pencils, and electronics from top-notch brands. Pack your healthy foods available at Carrefour UAE, including fresh vegetables, fruits, delectable snacks, bakery, juices, cupcakes, and more, all available at great prices with our back to school offers.

Enjoy free and fast 60 minutes and delivery, exceptional customer support, hassle-free returns, the option to pay upon delivery, or use your credit card, and shop all your needs for the upcoming school year.