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Tramontina - 10" Cleaver Professional
Tramontina - 10" Cleaver Professional
Tramontina - 10" Cleaver Professional
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Tramontina - 10" Cleaver Professional

AED 145.00(Inc. VAT)

Sold by Tramontina UAE& Delivered by Carrefour
Quality and durability for hardworking professionals. With cuttingedge technology, Tramontinas professional knives are always ready to jump into action and do beautifully well with any ingredient, cut, or recipe. Efficiency all-around. The incredible high quality of the blades is a result of a thermal treatment which consists of hardening (heating the blade), subzero (cooling from 50 to -196 degrees), and tempering (increasing the steel elasticity) for a longer and more efficient life. The anatomical and ergonomic textured polypropylene handle, is directly injected on the steel bolster, ensuring a comfortable, safe use. The antimicrobial protection prevents and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. This technology is incorpotated during the handle manufacturing process and lasts throughout the product's life, but it does not eliminate the need to clean it thoroughly. 1. Blade made of the highest quality stainless steel associated with efficient heat treatment sub-zero, giving a great resistance to wear the wire.
2. Polypropylene handle with antimicrobial protection that inhibit odor and stains caused by bacteria, mould and mildew.
3. Certified by NSF, National Sanitation Foundation an internationally recognized organization in the practices of consultancy, inspection and training, aimed at ensuring the health of food, water, air and environment.
4. Dishwasher safe.
5. Long lasting shine.
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