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Munchbox Brocoli Cheese Pufs 56g
Munchbox Brocoli Cheese Pufs 56g
Munchbox Brocoli Cheese Pufs 56g
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Munchbox Brocoli Cheese Pufs 56g

Pack size : 56g

AED 10.80(Inc. VAT)

Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
  • Fiery wasabi cashews with crunchy roasted corn
  • Each of our snacks is around two fistfuls of healthy yummy nibbles, perfectly portioned for your snacking needs
  • All our snacks are vegan, natural, free of artificial colourings, and generally just good for you
  • All our snacks are made from naturally flavored nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and sugar-free dark chocolate
  • More than 50 healthy natural snacks that change with every delivery so you never get bored
  • And all of this delivered to your door in environmentally friendly packaging
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Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place

Brand Message

Snack packs are a quick, ready-to-go snack option that contains a juice box and three snacks for kids who need a little extra fuel for their after-school activities, you could also make breakfast-inspired snack packs with cereal, granola bars, and made-ahead muffins. Add a beverage so the kids have something to sip on while snacking.