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Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice 5kg
Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice 5kg
Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice 5kg
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Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice 5kg

Pack size : 5kg

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Origin -
  • Ambe Mohar is a rice variant grown on the hills of western Maharashtra in India
  • The short-cooked grains have a tendency to break easily and stick together
  • It is popular in Maharashtra due to its flavour and strong aroma reminiscent of mango blossoms which is noticeable when the rice is cooked
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Brand Message

Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice is a high-quality variety of rice that is exclusively grown in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This rice is popular for its unique aroma delicate flavour and long grains. It is often used in traditional Maharashtrian dishes like biryani pulao and sweets. The 5kg pack of Peacock Ambe Mohar Rice is perfect for households or restaurants that require a larger quantity of this premium rice. It is known for its superior quality nutritional value and ability to enhance the taste of any dish.