Black+Decker Steam Iron X2050-B5


Black+Decker Steam Iron X2050-B5

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With all irons designed to do the same thing, many people wonder what the point is in paying extra more

  • Water tank capacity :0.38
  • Cordless :No
  • Variable steam :Yes
  • Power :2200
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    2200W Steam Iron, Ceramic coated sole plate, 35g Continuous Steam O/P, 90g/min Steam boost, 26 Steam holes, 380ml water storage tank, Vertical Steam, Steam Burst, Self Clean, Anti Calc, Anti Drip, 1.8m power cord.
  • Reasons to buy

    With all irons designed to do the same thing, many people wonder what the point is in paying extra when you can pick one up for a fraction of the price. But the reality is that steam irons with ceramic soleplate generally make much quicker and easier work of ironing. The science is simple – steam is the best wrinkle remover and X2050 generates at least twice as much steam as traditional irons.  • Steaming Rate : How quickly the iron warms up and the rate at which it can exhale water vapor are two of the biggest differentiators between models, so it’s critical that you consider these factors as you make your purchase. The steaming rate is directly determined by the wattage of the iron. Most low-level irons are around 1,600 watts, while higher quality irons are in the 2,200-2600 watt range. The speed is also affected by the rate at which the iron can spew water vapor from its soleplate. Lower quality irons put out just a couple of grams of water vapor per minute, while premium irons can exhale up to 30 grams per minute. While the steam rate is not a metric that is publicized, it can make the difference between finishing a fully-pressed dress shirt in 8 minutes and struggling for over 20 minutes. • Ironing Quality : Ironing quality is all about consistency. It’s essential that the iron holds its temperature evenly and that it spits out steam uniformly throughout the ironing process. Steam irons can have wild temperature swings and can sometimes leak water abruptly from the steam holes, leaving you with a big puddle on your favorite shirt. No such issues with X2150 & X2050. • Features : Virtually all irons have the same basic features, such as: variable steam control, temperature and fabric settings, a “surge of steam” option and a light that activates when the iron has heated-up. The X2150 & X2050 however, have a few bells and whistles that can really enhance the user experience: ceramic soleplate, auto shut off, anti calc, long power cord and great ergonomic design. • Price : X2150 & X2050 are feature packed yet very affordable. Complete value for money!
  • Technical details

    Technical details

    Water tank capacity
    Variable steam
    Automatic anti-calc
    Continuous steam
    Cord length
    Steam boost performance
    Steam boost function
    Soleplate type
    Designed for travel


    Non-twisting cord
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