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Hair Care Is All About Routine
Hair care is all about the routine and products you use, for every concern there is a product that was formulated carefully to suit each hair type, for example there are many types of shampoo products, conditioners, hair oils, hair treatment products and hair styling products.
You must check the labels and the ingredients on the back of each product to make sure it suits your hair.

Frizzy Hair Control Tips In Humid Weather
The humidity sometimes can make it difficult to manage your hair, as it starts to get frizzy and it tangles however keep those tips in mind the next time you shop to tame that frizz, keep in mind that different hair colours need different products:
- Moisturize & Moisturize & Moisturize! The Key to having a tame hair frizz free is the use of correct conditioners and hair treatment oils that are anti frizz, so after you shampoo your hair make sure to moisturize it well with a product that has shea butter, coconut oil, anti-frizz ingredients, then follow up with a similar leave in, serum and anti-frizz spray.
- Always put your hair in braids or a bun at least when you sleep.
- Replace the mattress cover with a satin one instead of cotton.
- Try out products to find the best match for you, as different products suit different people, and buy shampoo & conditioner from the same brand to make sure that you are getting the best effect, do not forget that if you were suffering from hair loss, investing in hair loss products would be a good investment for healthy hair.
- Get hair masks with keratin infused ingredient as keratin helps lock in proteins in the hair strands and is the most effective against humidity.

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