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The thing about fruits and vegetables is while they are necessary for a healthy diet, they often rot if you leave them in the fridge, and this is why frozen foods were produced, as they can last for years in the fridge, to make your diet a much healthier one without having to shop daily for them.
People nowadays buy everything frozen, from ready-made foods like frozen pizzas, bakeries, meat, ice cream bars & more. and while fresh fish and fresh chicken and meats taste way better, but it is difficult to have an amount that could last you for a month at least without it being frozen. Buy your frozen foods through your online shopping address Carrefour UAE.

How to keep frozen foods fresh?
To keep frozen fruit fresh and neat, you should seal it in a plastic bag, and keep it out of air and humidity to make it last longer, make sure when you buy fresh chicken, meat, and anything like that you read the production date, to make sure it is kept fresh frozen.
Make sure to throw food that has passed the expiration date.
If your frozen chicken or meat started to change color, like blue hues or greenish, throw it out right away as that indicates it becmae rotten and can get you in serious health danger.