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Safa Vanilla Flavour 15g
Safa Vanilla Flavour 15g
Safa Vanilla Flavour 15g
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Safa Vanilla Flavour 15g

Pack size : 15g

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Origin -
United Arab Emirates
  • Safa Vanilla flavour is the perfect match for your lip-smacking dessert
  • Add a bit of Vanilla flavour to your dish to leave your guests in awe
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Sugar Corn Starch Artificial Vanilla Flavour Anti-caking Agent (E341c).

Brand Message

Safa Vanilla Flavour is a high-quality and aromatic vanilla extract that is used to add a deep and rich vanilla taste to a variety of dishes and desserts. The 15g bottle contains pure vanilla extract, which is sourced from the finest vanilla beans to ensure a superior flavor. Whether you are making cakes, cookies, ice cream, or custards, Safa Vanilla Flavour is the perfect addition to enhance the taste of your creations. Its convenient size makes it easy to store and use whenever you need a touch of vanilla in your culinary endeavors.