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Fish Accessories
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Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter, 150L/h
Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter, 150L/h
Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter, 150L/h
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Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter, 150L/h

AED 70.00(Inc. VAT)

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Waterfall Style Bio Filter Water pump, water circulation, water quality filter system are all built-in comprehensive integrated optimization design, water flow adjustment device, flow can be adjusted at will. No need to equip any external equipment, quick equipment and easy operation. Built-in water quality filtering system, comprehensive physics, chemistry, microbial decomposition and other new technologies, multi-layer biochemical filtering system, enhance the filtering effect, and ensure clear water quality. The waterfall-shaped water flow design mode turns the water surface of the ecological tank and helps release carbon dioxide in the water. Dissolve the oxygen in the air into the water to replenish enough oxygen in the cylinder. WF-2015  : 6W , 50/60Hz, 150L/h, 85x97x190mm WF-2025  : 11W, 50/60Hz, 300L/h, 120x104x282mm