Hoover -Vacuum-Cleaner-HT85-T0-ME

Hoover  Vacuum Cleaner HT85-T0-ME


Hoover  Vacuum Cleaner HT85-T0-ME

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Hoover  Vacuum Cleaner HT85-T0-ME

Hoover  Vacuum Cleaner HT85-T0-ME

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1700 Watt, 6.5 m reach, 15L capacity, 5.8 Kg, Anti-bacterial Filtration. Hoover vacuum cleaner is a powerful performer with large dust capacity. This compact vacuum cleaner has a robust drum design for lasting use.

The Hoover HT85 T0 ME Power Swift Compact Tank Vac provides efficient and quick cleaning of all parts of your house. It packs a 1700W motor and various built in advanced features for giving your living spaces a deep clean.

The makers of this ingenious appliance give your convenience top priority by making it compact, light, and easy to maneuver. It switches ON and OFF, changes functions with a simple press of a button. The Main Reason for Its Creation This Hoover vacuum cleaner has been constructed to makes the task of maintaining regular hygiene in your homes an easy chore.

It features a superb 1700W motor for a high suction of air to take in all the accumulated dirt and dust. If a dirt particle is proving difficult to suck in, its built in blower function flushes out the dirt from its hidden place, bringing it within reach for easy trapping.

This compact vacuum cleaner also wipes off pollens and bacteria with its anti bacterial filter. Highly Convenient This powerful Hoover 1700W vacuum cleaner has an easy to use user interface and enables you to use it just the way you want it for more precise results. It flaunts a compact but sturdy body with large swivel wheels at the back.

This helps you move it around the house and store it after use comfortably. Its large drum capacity of 15L allows you to clean many rooms at once without the need for emptying in the middle of the cleaning session.

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    Hoover  Vacuum Cleaner HT85-T0-ME


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