Blueair Air Purifier SENSE Plus White

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30 September

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The intelligent air purifier for your unique styleThe next generation of the Sense, the Blueair Sense+, combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design and environmentally friendly credentials. Wi-Fi enabled for remote control and interactivity with the Blueair Friend app and the Blueair Aware air quality monitor, the Sense+ is the heart of a Blueair clean air intelligence system that puts you in total control of your indoor air.

If you are on the look for a solution which is guaranteed to help you bring healthier and fresher air to both and your family, then you will love the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier. Boasting a plethora of new technologies and top-notch features along with a beautiful and sleek design, the leaf green colored Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier will make you fall in love. This air purifier delivers 5 air changes per hour, making smoke, dust, and pollen things from the past. While the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier delivers a [powerful performance, the HEPTASilent Technology doesn’t only ensure the air around you is virtually free of all airborne pollutants, viruses, and asthma causes, but with a 29 – 50 dB(A) sound level, the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier is basically silent. No matter where you choose to put this air purifier, you can trust it to complement the space you are in with 19 x 18.5 x 7-inch dimensions. Thanks to the 11kg lightweight, the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier can go with you wherever you decide to take it. Thanks to an energy consumption between 7 – 45 watts, the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier delivers healthier air without hiking up your electricity bill. Completed with a digital display with LED buttons, this appliance gives you full information about your purifier along with full control over it. Want to control it from afar? You can easily download the Blueair Friend application on your Android or iOS smart device and make your smartphone or tab your own remote control!

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