Brown Eggs
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Khaleej Large Brown Eggs 15 PCS
Khaleej Large Brown Eggs 15 PCS
Khaleej Large Brown Eggs 15 PCS
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Khaleej Large Brown Eggs 15 PCS

Pack size : 15 PCS

AED 11.90(Inc. VAT)

Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
Origin -
United Arab Emirates
  • Provide an extraordinary nutrition and taste the Hen's feed is fortified with organic minerals like Vitamin E and C to keep your body cooler in summers
  • It has high dietary content protein smell and rich taste
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Nutrition facts

Average Nutrition Value Per 100g

*Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calaries needs



High Protein Vitamins

Storage Condition

Keep in cold and dry place.

Brand Message

Khaleej Large Brown Eggs come in a pack of 15 and are known for their rich and flavourful taste. These eggs are sourced from free-range hens that are fed a nutritious diet, resulting in a high-quality product. Whether you're making scrambled eggs for breakfast or baking a cake, Khaleej Large Brown Eggs are a versatile and delicious choice.