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Generic - Mosaico Cream
Generic - Mosaico Cream
Generic - Mosaico Cream
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Generic - Mosaico Cream

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United Arab Emirates

The mould has a revolutionary inner rim that gives the base of your preparations a slightly rounded shape. Made from LSR liquid silicone Can be used in a temperature range from -60 degrees C to +230 degrees C. Can be taken out of the oven / microwave and put straight into the fridge and freezer and vice versa. No butter or other fats are required to grease the moulds.

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With the 3D silicone baking moulds from Silikomart you can achieve baking results like in the pastry shop. Choose your preferred cake pan and bake with love. Whether mini cake, muffin pan, small moulds or the large tart mould with mirror glaze, Silikomart offers so many variants that your kitchen no longer stands still. The foldable cake pan features a revolutionary inner rim that gives your preparations a slightly rounded shape. Silikomart 3D baking moulds guarantee successful recipes of impeccable semi-frozen and mousse, or from baked goods. The silicone mould from Silikomart is characterised by its extreme versatility. It is suitable for use in the oven, refrigerator, shock freezer and ice compartment. It resists temperatures between -60 and +230 degrees C. The elasticity and flexibility of the flexible mould allow the mould to be stored folded, so it does not take up much space. It is guaranteed to be very durable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Silikomart masterfully combines utility, design and quality. For the glaze of the base cake, simply use a permeable tray/grid and some baking paper underneath. Whether for a children's birthday, Valentine's Day or wedding, with this refined silicone baking mould you will delight the others. It's a wonder how perfect the results are. Decorate your cake with candles or cake figurines. Due to the non-stick properties of the silicone mould, no baking spray/release spray is required. Otherwise, use your normal baking utensils to prepare the dough.