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Square enix Just Cause 3 Gold Edition (Ps4) (Uk Import)


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The Just Cause 3 Gold Edition Packs The Critically Acclaimed Just Cause 3 Game As Well As A Great Selection Of Extra Missions, Explosive Weapons And Vehicles To Expand Your Experience In Medici. This Ultimate Edition Of The Game Will Please Comers Who Want To Jump Into All Of Rico'S Missions With A Boosted Arsenal And Exotic Vehicles. Just Cause 3 Gold Edition Ps4 Includes: In Just Cause 3 Ps4 The Mediterranean Republic Of Medici Is Suffering Under The Brutal Control Of General Di Ravello, A Dictator With An Insatiable Appetite For Power. Enter Rico Rodriguez, A Man On A Mission To Destroy The Generals Hold On Power By Any Means Necessary. With Over 400 Square Miles Of Complete Freedom In Just Cause 3 From Sky To Seabed And A Huge Arsenal Of Weaponry, Gadgets And Vehicles, Prepare To Unleash Chaos In The Most Creative And Explosive Ways You Can Imagine.