Happy Hop

Happy Hop Buddyguard Seat Belt Pad, Guitar Figured, Seat Belt Pad, Safe Sleep Support


81.35 AED

143.92 AED 62.57 AED

Happy Hop seat belt cushion that cares for the comfort of children on the journey, the savior you need. Extra soft plush fabric, guitar figure cushion and velcro straps easily attached to the seat belt will help you to have a peaceful journey while protecting your children. The front and side pockets of your child's toy, crayons, snacks or music player with an ideal design to store special items such as the seat belt pad, the hidden side pocket carrying strap into a fun and cool backpack can be easily moved anywhere. Easily hung in front of a bicycle or scooter, it accompanies your child not only in their journeys but also in their activities. Made of high quality fiber filling and plush fabric in accordance with European Union quality standards, the handy pillow has a multifunctional design that will make your child wear a seat belt. Machine washable. You can dry it in the dryer. The Happy Hop seat belt cushion will be your new favorite toy that your child will not want to leave on all trips, in the park, in the game and asleep.