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Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator Ti-30Xb Multi View


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TI-30XB MultiView™ Scientific Calculator, Designed with unique features that allow you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen, the TI-30XB MultiView™ is ideal for the early secondary maths and science classroom.

Key features:-Four-line display,One- and two-variable statistics,MathPrint™ feature Fraction/decimal conversion,Fraction math,Edit, cut and paste entries,Solar and battery powered. View more calculations at a time:- Four-line display allows you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen. MathPrint™ feature:- Use the MathPrint™ feature to display expressions, symbols, and fractions just as they appear in textbooks. Scientific notation output:- View scientific notation with the proper superscripted exponents and see the output in scientific notation. Explore (x,y) table of values:- Students can easily explore an (x,y) table of values for a given function, automatically or by entering specific x values. Built-in functionality:- • Review and edit previous entries via a scrollable home screen • Paste inputs or outputs into new calculations • MathPrint™ entry and output mode for viewing calculations in math notation, including answers in terms of π, square roots and fraction • CLASSIC mode for similar entry and compatibility with previ - ous two-line scientifics • Symbolic notation of π • Toggle key to change the form of answers between exact and decimal approximation • Stacked fractions and fraction functions • Fraction/decimal/percent conversions • Change between improper fractions and mixed numbers • Automatic simplification of fractions • Random number and random integer generator • Central MODE menu for selecting calculator mode settings • Menu settings • Functions accessed directly through keys or through pull - down menus • Negation key • One constant operator feature • Combinations and permutations • Trigonometry • Hyperbolics • Logs and antilogs • Convert angles from degrees to radians to grads • %, x², ¹/x, yˆx, p, x! • Fixed decimal capability • (x,y) table feature with Auto and Ask-x options • Basic Data/List Editor with three lists • List formulas • One- and two-variable statistics with permanent stat variable input storage • EOS: (Equation Operating System) • Up to eight pending operations • Up to 23 levels of parentheses • Error recovery capability • Auto Power Off • Quick/easy reset of calculator via 2 key press or menu for exam purposes • Seven memory variables. (x,y,z,t,a,b,c) • Scientific and engineering notation • x10n key for quick input of numbers in powers of 10.

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