Gigaset Cord & Cordless Combo Phone C330



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Speakerphone Yes
Phonebook capacity 150
Number of handsets included 1

 New ergonomic keypad in high quality material (polydome technology) ,    12 numeric keys plus (8 function keys on HS, 18 function keys on BS).

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Reasons to buy

 Full dot matrix display on HS  (1,77'', 128x64 pixel) , Time control.

Sound quality

Handsfree talking with brilliant sound quality for BS and HS . Adjustable volume of handset sound (5 levels for handset earpiece volume and 5 levels in handsfree mode) .  Ringer melodies with 5 adjustable volume settings and on/off function via * key (long press). 10 selectable ringtones (5 polyphonic) for HS, 5 selectable ringtones for BS. Separate Speaker,    Free listening on BS handsfree mode.

Receiving Calls

 Caller indication displayed via CLIP and CNIP displayed1).  Display and send key lighted. Ringer animation in display. Selectable ringer melodies  - 5 polyphonic (for handset only) - 5 standard melodies - 5 loudness levels + off . Time controlled Ringer volume on handset and AM- base (Day / Night - switch).

Missed Calls

Comfortable access to missed calls list by dedicated, illuminated MWI-key on HS.  List showing up to 30 missed calls saving calls with caller indication (CLIP / CNIP - base station required) and time1). Direct dialing out of the missed calls list.


 Indoor range:  up to 50 meters

 Outdoor range: up to 300 meters

Operation time

Talk time: up to 8 hours.

 Standby time: up to 180 hours.

Phonebook and dialing

 Address book for up to 150 names and numbers (stored on BS , common use in system) . Dial preparation (input of phone numbers before connecting) with correction possibility .Redialing of the 20 last different numbers . User-programmable speed-dial shortcuts using keys 2-9. IP dialing: long press 0 key for IP speed dialing .Dialing: DTMF, Pulse, Flash (programmable).


 Illuminated Full-dot matrix display on HS (128x64 pixel, 4 lines). Illuminated 7-segment display on BS(Date/Time/Icons).

Keypad features

 New ergonomic keypad in high quality material (polydome technology) .12 numeric keys plus (8 function keys on HS, 18 function keys on BS).4 way Navikey. Illuminated keypad including navigation area.  Keypad illumination: amber. Illuminated handsfree talking key (green) and dedicated illuminated message key (red). Keypad protection on/off via # key (long press) .Ringer tones on/off via * key. Flash key (R) with long press for pause (P).

Features with more than one handset.

 Free internal calls between handsets. 3 calls simultaneously (1 external, 2 internal). Phonebook share for all HS & BS.Internal transfer of external calls to another handset with prior consultation call. 3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants) via internal recall or call-waiting.


 Standby time:  up to 180 hours

Talk time:  up to 8 hours .

Battery:  2 x AAA (NiHM) 650mAh.

Charging time:  12h.

Indoor range:  up to 50 meters.

 Outdoor range:  up to 300 meters .

Weight: 120g (incl. Batteries).

 Dimensions L x W x H  Handset: 154.0 X 49.5 X 28.0 mm.

Base Station/AM-Base Station

 Power-saving 100~240 V switch-mode power supply.

Operation of AM through keys on AM base.

Connection of 1 external line.

Connection of up to 4 handsets.

Weight: 590g.

Dimensions  L x W x H Base: 199.5 X 166.5 X  61.0 mm

Technical details


Phonebook capacity 150  

Phone features

Speakerphone Yes  

Call management

Caller ID Yes  


Intercom Yes  


Built-in display Yes  

Packaging content

Number of handsets included 1  

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