Cygnett 8000 mAh power Bank with Integrated Apple Lightning Cable Dual Charging (Lightning Cable + USB-A) Li-Po Carry on Airplane, Fast Charging - [All iOS Devices, Smartphones, Tablets & etc ] - Black


96.00 AED

199.00 AED 103.00 AED

【3 phone charges】 Charge your iPhone back to 100% not just once, but up to 3 times. This equates to 39 extra hours of video playback on a phone like the iPhone 8, which means you no longer have to stress when you’re using your phone for long periods.

【Integrated Apple Lightning cable】 Forget the hassle of also needing to bring a cable everywhere you take your power bank. The ChargeUp Pocket 8,000 includes an integrated Apple Lightning cable perfect for compatible iPhone and iPad models. The cable is discretely hidden when not required.

【Dual charging】 An additional USB-A charging port gives you the option to charge two devices at the same time. Alternatively, this port is handy for charging non-Apple devices like an Android smartphone, headphones, smart watches, fitness bands and more

【Travel light】 Portable power than won’t weigh you down ChargeUp Pocket discretely slips into your pocket and only weighs 180g (6.3 oz).