Ibuffalo Earphones BSHSMP02U07 Black


Ibuffalo Earphones BSHSMP02U07 Black

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Ibuffalo Earphones BSHSMP02U07 Black

Ibuffalo Earphones BSHSMP02U07 Black


0.75 m cable best suited for chest pocket storage that allows you to talk while holding the earphone U shape without hanging at the chest

Reasons to buy

It is an earphone with a microphone dedicated to smartphones that can talk with earphones on. Even if there is an incoming call while enjoying music and games on a smartphone, it is possible to start and end a call immediately without removing the earphone. While watching the map application you can listen to the way to your friends and use the full smartphone. You can use it on Android or iPhone. (Sony Ericsson Experia is not supported)

With 0.75 m cable adoption, it is best for those who use earphones with smartphone in breast pocket. Because it is a U type cable, the cable will not hang around at the chest.

You can choose the most suitable model according to the style of use of the earphone.

The microphone built-in controller is carried, and it is possible to operate such as call, end talk, play, stop, etc. with one switch. You can control various things without touching the main body of the smartphone. We solve dissatisfaction with smartphone with earphone with microphone "hard to hold on phone", "screen dirty on call" etc! It is also ideal for phone calls such as tablets.

If it is a device equipped with a stereo mini plug, it can be used even for non-smart phones.

Canal type inner earphone which shuts out external noise. You can enjoy clear music even in noisy environments such as train cars. It also prevents sound leakage.

Technical details

Ports & interfaces

Connectivity technology
Device interface


Headphone frequency
20 Hz to 20 kHz
Wearing style
In Ear

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    Ibuffalo Earphones BSHSMP02U07 Black


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