VRS Design

VRS Design - Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS First Glass Premium 3D Full Cover Screen Protector


75.00 AED

109.00 AED 34.00 AED

VRS Design FIRST GLASS Premium 3D Full Curved Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ PLUS features 3D curved rounded edges for a safe, comfortable and precise fit. It features a high level of 9H Hardness rating to Protect your screen. The Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and contaminants making the glass protector easy to clean. Touch Screen sensitivity is maintained like the original screen.

The VRS Full Cover 3D glass has rounded edges wherein the glass protector is curved on both sides to fit the contour of the Curved Galaxy S9+ PLUS Screen and cover maximum feasible area of the curved screen.

IF using a case / cover, it is recommended to install with Case On. Make sure your case / cover is NOT touching / Pushing up the screen Protector edges.

MOST IMPORTANT : Enable Touch Sensitivity for screen Protectors under Phone Settings / Advanced features.

Compatible with : Samsung Galaxy S9+ PLUS

Retail Pack includes:
- FIRST GLASS 3D Full Curved Edge Screen Protector (with Black border)
- Screen cleaning kit with Dust removal sticker

- 3D Rounded Edges to cover maximum feasible area of the curved screen
- High level of 9H Hardness rating
- High transmittance ensuring Ultra Clarity
- Scratch Resistant Coating
- Anti UV
- No Loss in touch screen sensitivity
- Rounded Edges ensure no sharp corners and smooth edges
- Oleophobic coating
- To ensure compatibility Pls make sure your case / cover is Not touching the 3D screen protector or pushing it upward

Install tip: Dust particles on screen can cause tiny bubble. To avoid this, BEFORE fixing protector, please make sure all dust particles on screen are removed via the included Dust removal sticker

Note: Only Compatible with Galaxy S9+ Plus Phone. This is NOT compatible with the Smaller Galaxy S9