Spigen - Sony Xperia Z5 CRYSTAL Screen Protector 3 pc set - Japan Film


19.00 AED

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Protect your screen without sacrificing clarity.

SPIGEN SGP Crystal for the Sony Xperia Z5 is a set of 3 Screen Protectors with Base Film Made in JAPAN. The CRYSTAL films protect your device and maintain extreme Ultra Crystal Clear Clarity and scratch protection.

The Crystal CR Protectors have absolute transparency. There is no intereference in the brightness and clarity of the Xperia Z5 High definition display. Once applied properly, the film looks virtually invisible on the device. Exact cutouts and a smooth touch deliver the original touchscreen experience. The Crystal has a strong hardness (Strength) so there is no rubbery or rough feel during use. Installation has now been made Easier with the included Guide stickers.

Compatible with : Sony Xperia Z5

Retail Pack includes:
3 pcs - Spigen CRYSTAL SCREEN Protectors
1 pcs - Wet Screen Cleaner
1 pcs - Squeegee
1 set - Dust Removal Stickers
1 set - Guide stickers for easy installation

Features :
- Hard coated to Prevent Scratches and Scuffs Proof
- High Quality Optical Enhancement Film
- Excellent Clarity: Clear like Glass (Invisible)
- No Rainbow Effects
- Anti-UV Ray Coated (to block harmful electromagnetic rays from your device)
- Guide stickers for easier installation
- Specially coated to easily swipe the screen like the actual glass
- Easy to install (Dry Application. No Wet Sprays application required like other protectors)
- Smudges and Fingerprints wipe away easily
- No Interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness
- Good Surface Hardness 3H Strength Rating
- Premium Silicon Adhesive : Bubble Free Application
- Unique code for Online Product Validation
- Non-tacky adhesive : removed easily without leaving residue
- Base PET film Made in JAPAN
- Designed by Spigen SGP in California, USA
- Made in Korea