Spigen - iPhone 11 Pro MAX Align Master [Privacy] Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Auto Align Technology - Privacy


99.00 AED

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Protect your Privacy from Prying eyes
Want it perfect ? EASY & Guaranteed Glass alignment with ALIGNmaster Auto Align Technology

Spigen GLAStR ALIGNmaster Privacy for Apple iPhone 11 Pro MAX allows you to use your phone in public without worrying about revealing confidential information to anyone near you. While you can clearly view the information on your phone, people around you only see a darkened screen. The GLAStR is purposely manufactured a fraction smaller than the device edges size making it a Case Friendly Glass Protector allowing you to install your favorite Spigen covers. Made with 9H Rated Reinforced Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass with Rounded Edges for better Chipping resistance / smoother touch, the GLAStR provides premium protection and absolutely NO LOSS in Touch Screen Sensitivity (Feels like touching the original screen).

Extremely Easy installation with the included ALIGNmaster installer tray featuring Auto Align technology

Compatible with : Apple iPhone 11 Pro MAX and iPhone XS MAX

Retail Pack includes:
- GLAStR Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector
- ALIGNmaster installer tray
- Screen Cleaning Wipe
- Dust Removal Sticker (To Remove/Pull dust from Screen Before installation)
- Microfiber Cloth

- Privacy : Keeps information on your screen Private - ALIGNmaster : an innovative, auto-alignment installation tray for effortless application
- 9H rated hardness : for ultimate scratch protection
- Oleophobic Coating : Prevents contaminants. Easy to clean.
- Installation tip: Dust particle on screen can cause tiny bubble. Hence BEFORE installing, make sure all dust particles on screen are removed via the included Dust removal sticker