Twister Game That Ties You Up In Knots Party Board Games

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Classic game to practice silliness and balance,putting your foot and hand in different places and keep yourself without falling down.Get tied up in knots following the instructions given by the spinner.Suitable for Friends playMat Size: 162 x 118 cm/ 63.18 x 46.02 inch.Spinner Board Size: 25.5 x 25.5 cm/ 9.95 x 9.95 inch.Package Content:1 x Game Mat,1 x Spinner Board,1 x Game Instruction.Setting Up the Game:1. Make sure that you have 2 or 3 players. you will also need one person to serve as the referee, spinning the needle and calling out hand and foot positions.2 Pick your playing field. Choose a spacious, flat, and well-lit area: a living room floor, a deck, or a patio. 3. Unfold the mat and spread it out on the floor.Make sure that the surface is reasonably flat. How to play? 1 Choose one person to serve as the referee. The referee will spin the spinner, call out the moves, and supervise the game.2. Step onto the mat. Remember to remove your shoes. The referee should keep off the mat.3. Spin the needle. The referee spins the needle, and then calls out the color and body part on which the needle lands. 4. Place your right/left hand/foot (whichever has been called by the referee) on a vacant dot of the called color. 5. Try not to fall. If a player falls, or lets an knee or an elbow touch the mat, he or she is eliminated from the round. The last player standing wins the round. Feature: More than 2 player, there is no limit to how many can play at once, but more than four is a tight fit. Before the game starts: you need a game mat, a spinner, a flat surface, and flexibility. 4 During the game, you can get a great opportunity to laugh at yourself! The last player standing wins the round. Family Board Game, it is the classic party game, suitable for both adults and children to play.