Samdone Large Size Magnetic Checkers/Draughts Folding Chessboard International Chess Set Travel Board Game Competition Toy


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Product features:

1.Magnetic chess set foldable, can be placed on the board, easy to store, innovative style - suitable for family, company, school, travel, bus or picnic.

2.Each piece has a slight attraction to the playground. Magneto-magnetism will make it stable and easy to move. Even if there is vibration, it will not cause the pieces to be scattered.

3.Made of durable plastic, the surface is smooth, allowing you to feel comfortable while playing, and the carefully crafted plating makes it more luxurious.

4.Chess is used for entertainment and brain exercises to help develop your child's memory, attention and spatial thinking skills, and spend time with your child.

5.Unfolded size is 25X25X2cm, folding size is 25X12X4cm, small enough to be carried at any time, large enough for comfortable use.