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Action figures
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YT Sidemen-Ethan
YT Sidemen-Ethan
YT Sidemen-Ethan
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YT Sidemen-Ethan

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United Arab Emirates
Action Figures
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1/7th of the Sidemen, ex-tubby man, fitness enthusiast and general silly human being. What do cows drink? A) MILK. Behzinga and his muscle building gains have been converted into a collectible. Wearing what used to be a t-shirt, with sleeves that had to be torn off due to Ethan's bicep growth, Behzinga holds a wide power stance at 4.6 inches tall with one hand flexed and curling a dumbbell in the other. A tattoo is visible on one forearm, and a Sidemen logo on the breast of his shirt. The muscular progress on his quads stands out as he struggles to fit into a pair of jet black shorts. On the feet are stylish white sneakers, fitting for Ethan's impressive transformation. The packaging was designed in dark Sidemen fashion, reflecting the peaceful solitude that comes with being first in the gym, early in the morning. A lone bench press station is visible on the back of the window box, with a spotlight shining on it, tempting all those who want to better themselves to pump out a few reps. The matte, embossed protective sleeve bears the Sidemen logo with the letter 'E' visible from the rear.