ZENHOME Double Layer Rotatable Drain Basin and Basket - Multifunction kitchen Colander Mixing Strainer and Bowl Set for Cleaning Veggies, Fruits, Noodles


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Introduction: Detachable 2-in-1 Set: Colander for filtering all kinds of grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. Material: Eco-friendly PP plastic, ensuring the food safety of you and your family. Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.1 x 4.1 inches. Weight: 170g It’s very useful item which every household shall have! It's sturdy, thick, and had enough holes right at the bottom,easy to clean . It's easy to remove and clean. This simple, stylish product combines the functions of a preparation bowl, colander and a serving bowl in one convenient design.you can wash your fruit and then drain it, plus the air circulates around it which keeps it fresher longer. Its integrated colander means you can rinse food in the main bowl and then drain off the excess water, without having to tip the contents into a separate colander or sieve. Once drained the contents can either be tipped into a pan for cooking, combined with other ingredients such as sauces or dressings, or served straight to the table – all using the same bowl. It is ideal for preparing and serving salads and soft fruits or for rinsing rice and lentils prior to cooking. It’s easy to remove and clean. It’s really handy. Seams it is very well made. Overall, it works easily, washes beautifully, and is a welcome addition to your kitchen.