Generic Thema 2 Pressure Sprayer 2Ltr

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Made In Italy

The Thema 2 pressure sprayer is a very portable sprayer made in Italy by industry-leading company DiMartino. Although it's very compact in size it holds up to 2Lt of liquid and sprays up to 80cm at 2 bar pressure with a very even, adjustable spray thanks to the calibrated hole. Users will be happy that unlike many other sprayers where there are no spares, for this quality product a replacement nozzle is available.

Stainless steel is the other material used in the construction of this durable sprayer, this includes the shaft used for pressurizing and the springs.

This model is aimed at the domestic user who wants a sprayer that will last, and will enable them to treat potted plants with insecticide and or foliar feeds, will be able to mist their orchids and other such tasks.

Please note: There is no spray locking feature on this product.

steel shaft

replaceable nozzle

a valve that keeps the pressure for a long time

stainless steel springs

safety lever

even spraying

calibrated hole

adjustable nozzle



Spray height

400 cm

Jet angle


Maximum capacity

2,00 lt

Net capacity

1,80 lt

Leverage capacity

42 cc

Cc/min 3 bar

470 cc

Spray length

800 cm


2 bar