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1. 2 IN 1 TOOL KIT – The grafting tool includes both a pruner and grafting guillotine blade. First, it allows you to trim away excess leaves and twigs and to prepare the plants to be grafted. Second, you can then make a precise cut into the grafting stock with the special grafting guillotine. 2. High-carbon steel sharp shear blades and spring for long-lasting use; high-strength ergonomic ABS plastic handle for comfortable holding. 3. Easy to use.Any green hands of grafting will be able to use the tool in a few minutes, no need of pro’s guidance. 4. USER TIME-SAVING - Cut, join, tape, and the grafting job is done. You don’t have to shave same slopes on both branches with a knife as in the old laborious and time-consuming way. 5. Blade can be replaced.