BLUFIXX Strong Surface Repair Kit For LAMINATE/PARQUET/VINYL (Cherry, Teak and Mahagony) Floor With LED Light

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You can also repair laminate, parquet, or vinyl with BLUFIXX: Over time, the flooring will show clear signs of wear. Dropping objects, moving furniture or rocks stuck under the shoes will cause notches, scratches or dents in the floor. With the BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen, you can repair and fill these damages instantly. The floor is immediately ready for use after the repair! Best For Cherry, Teak and Mahagony shades of LAMINATE/PARQUET/ VINYL Floor
  • Application
  • The liquid repair gel is available in various wooden shades. Choose the right color for your laminate, parquet, or vinyl.
  • Apply the gel to fill the cracks — layer by layer. Every layer should be no thicker than 2 mm.
  • The LED light ensures fast curing within 3 to 15 seconds.
  • If necessary, you can then sand down any excess material after curing.
  • What's In The Box: The kit includes the LED and the pen/holder.