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Better Look 60-Piece Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Set Blue


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Public restrooms are not always as clean and sanitary as we expect. Sometimes, the stall you’re seated may be out of paper toilet seat covers. You may have to squat, wipe with paper, pile papers up to barrier or unbearably hold bladder. It’s also a common case when you pull the paper toilet seat cover from the dispenser, it’s torn. When you overlay it on toilet seat, it’s soaked with gross dirt and can’t work anymore. What's embarrassing is when you stand up, you're stuck with the flimsy paper. The pocket size waterproof toilet seat cover meets personal hygienic needs in public bathrooms. The white upper side is soft to skin and barriers coldness or sweat. The blue back side coated with water-resistant film, providing a reliable sanitary barrier between skin and moisture.