H PRO 5 KG Vinyl Dumbbell Set


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• H PRO Vinyl Dumbbells- is Colourful coating for easy identification, ensures a non-slip grip and provides protection against calluses • For Home and commercial use • H PRO Vinyl Dumbbell is perfect for a gym or home use for a variety of exercises. • Easily use the dumbbells in a variety of exercises to help strengthen the back, arms, legs, core and chest ★H PRO Vinyl Dumbbell Sets are perfect for a variety of individual and group workouts, including jogging and power walking, aerobics, general exercise, physical therapy and even yoga routines. Features: ★An age-old weightlifting tradition ★The perfect solution for a beginner, as well as the experienced lifter ★This weight set is designed for a full body workout ★Perfect for arms, chest, back and legs