Lushh Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat with The ORIGINAL Unique Alignment Marker System Biodegradable Mat Made with Natural Rubber & A Warrior-Like Grip, Gray


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  • Revolutionary grip-a breakthrough advantage-provides unparalleled warrior-like grip during practice. The advanced non-slip mat is by far the easiest to grip yoga mat (even when "sweating"), making it an essential piece for all yogis.
  • Environmental friendly materials, PVC-free, biodegradable within 1-5 years under normal landfill conditions, and made of high quality non-toxic materials to keep the mats clean.
  • Alignment System-Practice yoga with a unique alignment system. The system is intelligently designed to guide and adjust yogis who want to be perfect.
  • The mat is longer, wider, and thicker, giving yogis the space they crave, maintaining the perfect balance between solidity and comfortable cushioning, while maintaining lightweight characteristics-185cm x 68cm wide.