H PRO Multi-Function chin up station with rope & backrest - HM7774


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●MULTI-FUNCTION The chin up station is multifunction so you can use this bar for various exercises i,e, pull up, chin dip station, leg lift, and boxing. Moreover, it is best for training the shoulders, back, chest, arms, triceps, biceps and abdomen. ●HEAVY-DUTY STEEL STRUCTURE The Multi-function chin up station is made of heavy-duty steel which increases the durability and stability of the tower. ●ERGONOMIC DESIGN This dip station is the best for building muscle and stamina, so if you are a fitness freak or want to achieve the body of your dreams, you NEED this chin up station! ●Easy TO USE It is as easy as setting up the chin up station in any spot and then you can instantly start using it for a full-body workout. In short, you can use the chin up station as a doorway pull-up bar or turn it over to perform push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, and various other exercises. ●HANDGRIP The pull-up bar has an adjustable handgrips so that every person can change the grip accordingly. In addition to the above, the adjustable handgrip avoids slipping off your hand during the pull-up sessions. Furthermore, this grip also reduces hand fatigue or pain.