H PRO Fitness Electric Motorized Treadmill - H PRO Space Saving Home Treadmill - HM794 (With Massager)


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H PRO Electric Treadmill Features:- ★Safety Features: It has a special texture on the running belt that makes the surface non-slippery. Moreover, this anti-skid surface will provide you a firm grip and will minimize the chances of falling. ★Non-Absorbent: It has a non-absorbent recycled PVC surface. This surface will help to repel water, sweat, grease, and other liquids. Hence, it will reduce the chances of slipping off, and you can easily enjoy your exercise. ★Durable and Portable: H PRO HM794 is reliable and durable because it has strong material and framework. Moreover, this is a folding treadmill so you can carry it easily where you want. ★Digital Monitoring System: It has an LCD screen that shows calories burnt, time & distance covered, speed, and heartbeat rate. Moreover, this component is useful for individuals since they can train according to their goals. Furthermore, you can control your speed, start or stop a running treadmill utilizing this LCD. ★Gym Equipment For Home: This treadmill is exclusively made for home use so that you can enjoy high-intensity work outs from the comfort of your house. ★Shock Absorption: The treadmill has the licensed Flex Deck shock ingestion framework that diminishes the weight on joints. Moreover, this element will limit joints’ strain by about a third when contrasted with the running on the non-padded surface. ★Motor: 4 HP PEAK (1.75HP DC) ★Walking area(L*W): 1230*420mm ★Allowable weight: 120kg ★Other function: MP3 input with high quality speakers, auto lubrication, GFIT app to connect through bluetooth. With hand start/stop.